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Our Classes

Malenkiy (little) - Age 3-4

(no competitions, 1 dance)

It is time to start to introduce our classes at Rushnychok.

Our very first class is our rising stars! Zirka ⭐️💫🌟✨🤩

This is our class for 3-4year old dancers. They are ready (or maybe mom is) for a social activity away from guardians. These young dancers learn some fundamentals of dance but even more they learn how to be in the dance studio. They learn rhythms, hopping, skipping, clapping, timing and most of all independence💛💙

They get to perform at Rushnychok’s annual Malanka and Spring Recital.

Our program for our youngest dancers is growing. We are over half full. Classes run on Wednesdays from 4:15pm-5:00pm. If you are interested in registering go to to register. Don’t miss out. Space is limited.

Kazka (fairy tale) - Age 5-6

2 competitions, 2 dances

This class is our first level of dancers that attend Dance Festivals. It is a big jump from Zirka but after a couple years learning how to be in the studio our Barvinok dancers take off quickly.

These dancers start to really delve into the basics of Ukrainian dance. Not only learning steps but also starting to focus on basic ballet exercises and fundamentals of Ukrainian dance.

These dancers perform at Malanka, spring recital, up to 3 dance festivals, folkfest and any other performances they are available for! We also highly support our young dancers taking on an extra solo, duet or small group dance. This helps them immerse themselves further in Ukrainian dance and they practice more💙💛

Our Barvinok class is almost full! If you want to get your kindergarten to grade 1 child into Ukrainian dance register asap!

Veselka (rainbos) - Age 7-10

2 competitions, 2 dances)

These dancers take the next step in their Ukrainian dance training by having a weekly dedicated ballet class. By this age our dancers feel comfortable dancing with the emotion of their dance and love to tell stories! As class time extends they grow more confident with turns and tricks.

There is a lot of great information about Rushnychok on our website. Check it out

Class sizes are limited so register asap! We are so happy to be welcoming back families after the past couple crazy years and to welcome so many new dancers. 2022/2023 is going to be a great year!!!💙💛

This class is the next step in a young dancers Ukrainian dance life. These dancers have a firm grasp of their foundation in ballet and Ukrainian dance. We love to watch this age of dancers develop their personalities as they perform.

Don’t miss out on registering your dancer. Class size is limited. Check out for more information and to register.

Druzi (friends) - Age 11-14

2-3 competitions, 3 dances

By this level these dancers have a solid foundation in ballet, they understand Ukrainian step terminology and their turns and tricks are developing at a solid pace. Many of our Vyshnya dancers take as many opportunities to perform at outside events as possible.

Seriously our classes are limited and it is bonkers how quickly they are filling! Don’t wait to register and be disappointed. Check out for more information and to resister.

Tryzub (trident) - Age 15-18

(2-3 competitions, 5 dances

Kalyna is our most senior competitive class. At this level these dancers take on far more challenging and artistic choreography. They are advancing in their ballet class, have an understanding of multiple regions of Ukrainian dance and consistently challenge themselves to become the strongest dancer they can be!

As we keep saying class space will be limited. We dance Wednesday evenings to keep all your dancers on the same night! Our teaching team is pretty awesome! Wait to hear about them next week!

For more information go to

Tropak (brisk allegro dance) - Age 18+

Tropak (brisk allegro dance) - age 18+*

2-3 competitions, dances tbd

Zabava (fun) - Adult

competitions & dances by request


Specialty Classes

Male Strength, Technique and Acro - Age 9+

This class will help male dancers to build a strong foundation to perform their Ukrainian dance steps and tricks. They will train to strengthen and stabilize muscle groups to prevent injury and better perform, build a strong skill set of dance technique and work on incorporating this knowledge into their Ukrainian dance choreography. This class will also study Acro Dance which combines fundamentals of gymnastic based movement and dance. Acro syllabus work will be used to build strength in male tricks and solo’s.

Female Technique, Turns and Dance Conditioning - Age 9+

This class gives students the opportunity to cross-train styles of dance drawing from classical technique to establish a strong foundation, musicality and knowledge of dance. This will help Ukrainian dancers become stronger at turns, jumps and incorporating classical dance skills into their Ukrainian dance choreography. Students will learn set barre, center and travelling work as well as strengthening and conditioning, specifically curated for Ukrainian dancers. Cross training in dance builds stronger, more confident all around dancers.


For Questions & Inquiries Please Contact Us

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